Wednesday, March 20, 2013


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!!! Our firstborn is ELEVEN years old today!!! 
Oh, my! Where has the time gone?!?!?

Weren't we just bringing her home from the hospital? The years have flown by.  Here's a quick stroll down memory lane.

Happy girl....6 months old

Our 'lil Tarheel....Raising her right!!!!

The Paci Princess!  Oh, how she loved that paci!  This picture captures her infamous "serious" look.

First day of Kindergarten, Fall 2007

Summer 2010
We are so proud of the young lady Madeline is becoming. I could go on and on about how responsible she is and how much she helps me out.   She really is my number one helper (especially with Lydia & Margo).  I cannot believe she is in her last year of elementary school!  I hope she has a great day.  I'll be making a visit to school to take her lunch and a birthday snack (cookies) to share with her class.  She requested an Oreo cake and that has been made and we will have a small family celebration tonight.  She is excited about having a sleepover on Friday night.  
Happy Birthday to our first baby girl!!!!
Stay tuned for more pictures!  

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Grandma said...

Love that girl! I am glad she still likes for me to "scratch" her. Not much left of our little girl, she's quickly becoming a young lady.