Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Madeline's 11th Birthday Party & Growing Up!

This post is super-duper late.  I've had part of the pictures uploaded for a while, but am now getting around to this birthday post (over a month late)!  Better late than never, right?!?  Some of the pictures are out of order, but at least they're here!  
Madeline celebrated her 11th birthday on March 20th.  We had a small family birthday party with dinner at Pizza Inn and then came back home for cake and presents.  This year she requested a simple oreo special character or theme.  And she lit her own candles! Our baby is growing up!

A few days after her birthday she had a sleepover party with a few of her friends.  Here they are eating pizza.

Striking a pose!

They made slime.  This was Madeline's idea for a craft and they all loved it.

Settling in for the night.  They were very well behaved and we only had a few that tried to stay up all night.  
Madeline loved making slime!

Madeline is still such a little mama to Margo.  She loves to teach her things.  I think Margo will be very well prepared for Kindgergarten!

With her BFF, Reagan, at a Hurricanes Hockey game (the night after her birthday).

Margo and I took Madeline lunch from Pizza Hut (requested) on her birthday at school.  

Me and my 1st baby girl on her birthday.  

OK.  Now on to the growing up stuff.  Madeline had her LAST elementary school performance at PTA last week.  All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks!
Look how grown up she looks!  She is starting to take a lot more interest in clothes, hair and makeup.  It's starting!  Eeeek!  Although, I must say, she does a good job of picking out cute outfits and has learned how to use a curling iron.

Singing "Lean on Me" at the PTA performance.

Her Spring school picture.  

Last night we went to the Middle School for a parent meeting and tour of the 6th grade classrooms.  Madeline is very excited.  I'm excited for her too and know that she will do well.  BUT my heart is just not quite ready.  I'll just take it one day at a time.  I was saying last night that I am more anxious about her starting middle school than Margo starting Kindergarten.  Margo is SO ready for Kindergarten and I'm ready for her to go. And I know what to expect from Kindergarten.  I was telling Grandma and Grandpa this and Grandpa said, "Well just think how you'll feel when it's Margo going to Middle School!"  Well--that got me thinking.  That means that Madeline will be a Senior in High School.  All in just six short years.  
WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Where are the tissues?!?!?

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Grandma said...

We will need a case of tissues. I was not ready for a middle school child, and certainly not ready for a middle school grandchild! Grab a rope, tie a knot, and HOLD ON!