Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Days

It's hard to believe that May is almost over!  Here are a bunch of (mostly iPhone) pics to recap our busy month!
The girls had entries for the What's that Yam Thing contest at the Ham & Yam festival.  Madeline made Hammy Boo Boo, Lydia made an alien and Margo made a caterpillar.

 Madeline got a First Place ribbon for her division!

And so did Margo!

The girls met up with their cousins and friends at the Ham & Yam festival after their dance rehearsal that morning.

Lydia with her piano teacher, Mr. Buddy.  Lydia performed in the piano guild on May 11th.

She got a Superior rating (99%) for Dublin Town!  She was one happy pianist.

Me and my sweet girls on Mother's Day.  They are growing up!

Another shot of us girls.  Notice Annie at the door :)

Margo practicing T-ball. 

At her first practice.

Hitting the ball!  Unfortunately we've only made it to 1/2 of T-ball events  because of other obligations!

Margo "graduated" from preschool and had her program a few weeks ago.  Look out Kindergarten!
Lydia had her Violin concert at school a few weeks ago.

May has been super busy and it looks like summer will be too.  Lydia started swim team last night.  We're busy bees around here but I'll do my best to update our happenings!


Grandma said...

Busy girls, beautiful girls, sweet girls. I just love 'em to death!

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