Thursday, June 13, 2013

Camping at Kerr Lake

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping at Kerr Lake with some friends of ours and their families.  It was unseasonably cool and windy when we got there Friday evening.  We were all in jeans and sweatshirts and even used our electric blankets in the camper that night.  It was still pretty windy and chilly on Saturday morning but that didn't stop us from enjoying some boat rides.
The girls were dying to get in the water.  It was cold, so they just in to their ankles.  By Sunday, the weather had warmed up and all the kids finally got to swim!

Margo, Branson and Brianna riding on the Pontoon boat. 

Lydia smiling on the Pontoon boat.  Earlier that morning (before 8am) she fell in the lake fully clothed!  I had told her over and over to be careful.  She could not stay away from the water....just playing around it, throwing rocks, etc.  Anyway, she fell in and was not happy about it.  I did get a picture, but I know she wouldn't want me putting it on the blog!

Sunset picture of sweet friends :)

Annie went camping with us!  She loves it and as you can tell from the pic--she just makes herself at home!

David and Carrie grilling burgers for one of our community meals.

Gorgeous sunset on the lake (while cruising on the Pontoon boat).

David and I were able to enjoy a little bit of quiet while on a Sunset Cruise.  Chris and Carrie took all the kids for ice cream and a few of us went on the boat.

What's camping without a campfire?  And yes, we had s'mores too!

Bri and Margo on the last day.  It was a nice weekend getaway!

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