Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Graduate

Last night was Madeline's 5th Grade graduation.  It's hard to believe that she is already done with Elementary School!

We are so very proud of her.  She received several awards.

I can't even remember all of them! But one that stands out is that she and her best friend Reagan were the only two students in the entire 5th grade to get straight A's for the entire school year!!!!

Such a smart cookie!  Receiving her graduation certificate from her teacher, Mrs. Barnes.

Last time walking across the stage at SSE!

Walking out after she "graduated."

Showing off her certificate!

Proud of our 1st baby girl!

We celebrated at home with family and pizza and Oreo cupcakes.  I made these graduation cupcakes thanks to Pinterest!

Madeline and Reagan at the end of year awards program last week.  BFF's moving on to middle school!

Margo is proud of her Sissy!  I know Madeline hates that she will not be around at SSE to mother Margo when she enters Kindergarten.  I guess we'll have to pass that duty along to Lydia.

It sounds so cliche', but it really doesn't seem that long ago that I was sending by baby to Kindergarten!

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Grandma said...

Grandma & Grandpa are proud of their #1 granddaughter, too. She's a beauty and she's brilliant!