Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camp Don Lee 2013

On Sunday Kelly and I took Madeline and Lauren to Camp Don Lee. We actually got there early, so we had some time to walk around camp before check-in started.  Here are Madeline and Lauren standing in front of the cross on the pier.

After check-in.  Heading to their cabin.

Posing for a picture.

Madeline telling Margo to be a good girl for Mommy this week.

Madeline insisted on making her bed.  She set up everything just how she wanted it.  I helped with the extension cords and that was about all I did to get her settled in her cabin.

Ready for a week at camp.

Cabin mates!

Hope my girl has a great week.

Kelly and Lauren.

It was HOT.  Margo's entire head was wet and she was cooling off with sissy's fan.  We were glad to get back in our air conditioned vehicle for the ride home!

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