Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday, Monday!

Nothing like starting your Monday off with a flat tire!  I'm sitting here at the tire place and decided to do a little catch-up blogging!  On Saturday, we had to get a new battery for the van. And a few weeks ago, our washing machine died. Always something, right?!?
Speaking of washing machines, we got a new one and it looks great in my newly made-over, Pinterest-inspired laundry room. 

Brace yourself for the before pics so you can really appreciate the makeover. 

We have been doing lots of home improvements and de-cluttering.  We also had our house painted this summer. And now our house is on the market!  We would like something with a little more room in our same neighborhood. We'll see....
Here's a good before and after comparison. I think the white trim really makes a big difference!
School is going well for all the girls. Margo's teacher texted this picture to me a few weeks ago. Margo fell asleep during their rest time (which is only 10 minutes). Margo has never been a thumb sucker, so I asked her why she was sucking her thumb and she said"because I was hungry!"  Haha....never know what she's gonna say!
Madeline an I surprised Margo for lunch one day before Madeline started Middle School. 

Madeline is adjusting to Middle School. She had a couple of emotionally draining days the first week and then found out that her best friend is moving to the mountains :(. We are trying to pack in as much time with Reagan before she leaves. We took the girls to Pizza Inn Friday night and let them have their own table. 

Lydia's doing well too!  She is still the social butterfly that she's always been. She has now mastered Fur Elise on the piano and just started Hip Hop lessons at dance last week. Madeline is in a competition clogging class this year and Margo is in her regular tap/ballet/jazz class and an acrobatics class. And I'm taking adult clogging!!!
Lydia was a model in the Belk kid fashion show a few weeks ago!
Lydia did swim team this summer for the first time and did great. Here she is doing the butterfly at the championship swim meet back in July. Swim team was a huge time commitment, but she loved it. 
Happy girl!
A few weeks ago I had a little photo shoot with my nephew Connor. He's wearing his grandpa's outfit and posing with his old toy truck. Isn't he cute?Love the blue eyes!
My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 30th. We had a party for them last weekend and they had over 100 friends and family come!
Lydia after the party!  The girls were such great helpers. They helped serve and take up plates. 
Of course I got a lot of decorating ideas from Pinterest!
When I was going through pics for their party, I came across this one of me. Looks like Margo to me!
Margo went to a birthday party on Saturday and had a snake around her shoulders!  Eeeeeeek!!!!!
Margo right in the middle of her two faves:  BFF Brianna and cousin Brayden!