Friday, February 14, 2014

snOMG 2014!!!

Well unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that NC has had SNOW this week and even a couple weeks ago.  All of these pics are from when it snowed a few weeks ago at the end of January.  Of course, the girls were excited for snow days and sledding.

Accumulation on our deck furniture.

Bowls collecting snow for snow cream!

Our house all covered in snow!

Snow will not stop Margo from doing cartwheels!

Annie is such a pretty girl and got a little frisky in the snow.

Even though Jack is not a huge fan of the snow, he and Annie did have fun chasing each other for a few minutes.  After that, he was shivering and ready to go in!  Poor little short man!!

Madeline with her boy.  Oh, how she loves this dog!!

The snow started falling on a Tuesday night.  I was working that night.  It took me 1.5 hours to get home Wednesday morning.  With the girls home from school and all the excitement, I did not get very much sleep that day.  So we headed down to the Town Commons to do some sledding.  They loved it!  

Margo and Brianna got to sled together.

Madeline and Margo.  Madeline was wearing David's boots which were a wee bit big on her.  She didn't care.

Look how happy they were when I told them I had to get another picture of all three of them!!!

Margo wore herself out hiking back up the hill so many times.

She even ran into a tree.  It was bound to happen!

This week's snow has resulted in 4 snow days from school.  We're starting to get a little cabin fever.  This time there was ice involved so we didn't do any sledding and it was just a slushy mess today.  Of course the girls had fun playing in the yard and coming in with pink cheeks and noses and soaked socks, gloves, and clothes. We've made the most of it.  There were some of the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes falling on Tuesday and Wednesday that I have ever seen.  We've had snow cream and eaten more than we should have.  I even had to put a sign on the pantry because the girls were going through snacks and food like crazy.

Yesterday was crazy because the snow started coming down really fast and sticking.  Everyone was trying to get home and the major roads were in gridlock.  David was stuck in that in Durham and luckily, was able to make it to a family member's house in Durham!  It was similar to what happened in Raleigh in 2005 and in Atlanta just a few weeks ago.  After watching all the news reports, I'm especially thankful I didn't have to drive in to work in all of that, and that David was able to get off the roads soon.  I'm also thankful we didn't lose power.  So much to be thankful for!!!!  Even piles of wet soggy clothes and snow gear!!

snOMG14 will be a memorable one!

Happy Valentine's Day 2014 and Happy Birthday to my Mama :)