Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today is Madeline's 12th birthday!

How can this little girl be twelve already?

It seems like we were just welcoming her into the world!

And celebrating her first birthday.

She sure has brought us lots of joy.

I've enjoyed going through old pics.  Look at her using Kasey as a body pillow.

The Paci Princess!  She sure was attached to that paci for 2.5 years.

And she's the best big sister and little mama.

And she loves her doxie!  This pic was taken on the day that I surprised her at school pickup with Jack in the van.  She had NO idea and was thrilled to pieces.  

He is spoiled rotten by his "mama"

Jack even got her a t-shirt for her birthday.

Opening a few presents before school.

Madeline has a new smile.  She got braces on March 4th.  She was sore for the first few days, but has been doing great with them.  

She was a happy girl when I picked her up from school today.

She requested a chocolate eclair dessert this year.  I did make a small cake and let her decorate it.

Her choice for dinner was at Pizza Inn.  We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Greg, Brayden, Connor and Madeline's friend Carrie.  I think Madeline looks so grown up in this picture with her grandparents.
She had a really good day.  She got lots of presents, cards, phone calls, texts, FB messages, etc.  She also got some new bedding for her birthday.  Looks like a makeover is in store for her bedroom.  Better get my paintbrush ready.
I love this girl....the one who made me a mommy twelve years ago! 
Wishing her many many more happy birthdays.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Double Digits for Lydia!

Today is Lydia's 10th birthday!  We started her birthday celebrations with a party last night at All Stars. She invited a few friends and they had a fun time. I made her a Minecraft cake ( thanks, Pinterest!) for the party. 
The Fun Factory at All Stars. The kids were so hot and sweaty from playing, jumping, bouncing, etc for over two hours. 

Pizza with some of her closest friends. 

This morning Lydia opened her birthday presents from us-- a chevron infinity scarf, a Stuffees ( stuffed animal that doubles as a tote) and a Minecraft cardboard head. She and Madeline were having fun with this. I like this picture because even though they have typical sister spats, etc., they really do love each other. 

After presents, I made Lydia some special pancakes. 

I made another cake and let Lydia decorate it.

Blowing out 10 candles!  We had a small family get together after lunch.

Lydia with her cake and crazy candles!

Blockheads, HAHA!  

Our beautiful girl!
Couldn't post without a little stroll down memory lane.  Newborn Lydia!
Look at that little baby!
Around 10 months old.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

We love our Lydi-Bug and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One on One

Over the weekend, Lydia and I got to do something that is very rare in our house--we had some one on one time.  Margo had gone to the beach with a friend and her family and Madeline was spending the weekend with her cousins and David was working.  I decided to take Lydia to the mall for an early birthday present.

First stop:  the LEGO store.  David had taken Lydia to see the LEGO Movie the night before so she was all excited about getting some LEGOs.  This wall is filled with LEGOs and Lydia filled up a container instead of buying a LEGO kit.

She made some LEGO people. 

Posing buy the big block.

With her bag in hand, she was ready to make her next stop at Build A Bear.

She made Fluttershy, one of the ponies in the My Little Pony Collection.  Of course, she had to pick out an outfit for her pony.  She loved this too.  We also went in the Disney Store, Claire's, Justice, and a few other stores.  We don't go to the mall that much, so it was nice to just browse around.

I would say she approved of her afternoon outing and her weekend of being an only child.  Can't believe she's going to be TEN on Saturday.