Saturday, March 15, 2014

Double Digits for Lydia!

Today is Lydia's 10th birthday!  We started her birthday celebrations with a party last night at All Stars. She invited a few friends and they had a fun time. I made her a Minecraft cake ( thanks, Pinterest!) for the party. 
The Fun Factory at All Stars. The kids were so hot and sweaty from playing, jumping, bouncing, etc for over two hours. 

Pizza with some of her closest friends. 

This morning Lydia opened her birthday presents from us-- a chevron infinity scarf, a Stuffees ( stuffed animal that doubles as a tote) and a Minecraft cardboard head. She and Madeline were having fun with this. I like this picture because even though they have typical sister spats, etc., they really do love each other. 

After presents, I made Lydia some special pancakes. 

I made another cake and let Lydia decorate it.

Blowing out 10 candles!  We had a small family get together after lunch.

Lydia with her cake and crazy candles!

Blockheads, HAHA!  

Our beautiful girl!
Couldn't post without a little stroll down memory lane.  Newborn Lydia!
Look at that little baby!
Around 10 months old.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

We love our Lydi-Bug and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with her.

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Grandma said...

Granpda and I love your Lydi-Bug, too. She is one special girl!