Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today is Madeline's 12th birthday!

How can this little girl be twelve already?

It seems like we were just welcoming her into the world!

And celebrating her first birthday.

She sure has brought us lots of joy.

I've enjoyed going through old pics.  Look at her using Kasey as a body pillow.

The Paci Princess!  She sure was attached to that paci for 2.5 years.

And she's the best big sister and little mama.

And she loves her doxie!  This pic was taken on the day that I surprised her at school pickup with Jack in the van.  She had NO idea and was thrilled to pieces.  

He is spoiled rotten by his "mama"

Jack even got her a t-shirt for her birthday.

Opening a few presents before school.

Madeline has a new smile.  She got braces on March 4th.  She was sore for the first few days, but has been doing great with them.  

She was a happy girl when I picked her up from school today.

She requested a chocolate eclair dessert this year.  I did make a small cake and let her decorate it.

Her choice for dinner was at Pizza Inn.  We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Greg, Brayden, Connor and Madeline's friend Carrie.  I think Madeline looks so grown up in this picture with her grandparents.
She had a really good day.  She got lots of presents, cards, phone calls, texts, FB messages, etc.  She also got some new bedding for her birthday.  Looks like a makeover is in store for her bedroom.  Better get my paintbrush ready.
I love this girl....the one who made me a mommy twelve years ago! 
Wishing her many many more happy birthdays.

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