Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ballerina Girl

We had the dance recital last weekend.  I only took a few pictures on my iPhone.  I will post those later.  This week we have had dance pictures at the dance studio.  I decided to save some money on the individual photos by taking my own and only purchasing the group photos at dance.  Margo had three costumes this year and her ballet costume was by far my favorite.  So here are some pics from our outdoor and indoor photo shoot in her ballet costume. Madeline has her dance pics tonight at the studio and I'm working.  I will try to get some of her maybe this weekend and then post those.  Lydia didn't do dance this year, so no pics of Lydia.

Jumping on the trampoline after we were done with the outside pics!

I made my own studio using a white sheet and some white beadboard to stand on in our playroom.

Margo wore her hair down and curled for the recital but I really liked the way it looked in the bun.

Sweet ballerina girl :)

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Catching Up!

Long time, no post!!!  So,so sorry.  I do post some pics now and then on Facebook and Instagram, but I wanted to go back and recap April.  
We started off the month with Madeline's first dance competition.  She is on a competition clogging team this year.  They did very well.
Madeline is on the far right!

This was the STARBOUND competition Raleigh.

They danced to a song called 'American Girl'(not the Tom Petty one).  

With Mary Margaret and Alyssa.  All the girls did a great job.  Madeline was in a Competition Showcase this past Sunday and the dance recital is next weekend.  So our next several days are very busy with extra pactices, etc. 
Madeline had her Grand Spring Ball for Cotillion the first Sunday in April.

Madeline with her best bud, Carrie!

And her Daddy!  Don't they look nice?  She looked so pretty and grown up.  She did not like Cotillion and made sure we knew that!  Oh well.... trying to help tomorrow's generation of young folks!
On April 13th, David ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Raleigh.  He did really good, considering he didn't train that much.

Greg ran it too!  Leslie and I and all the kids were there to watch them cross the finish line (although somehow we completely missed David crossing it).  Lydia saw him though.  Kind of hard to pick out your family members with 12,000 runners!
That evening Margo and I had a mommy and Margo date night.  We went to see a production of The Wizard of Oz.  Margo is very familiar with the movie, thanks to her sisters being slightly obsessed with it.  I took this picture before we left home with her holding Jack.  She was pretending he was Toto.

It was at the DPAC in Durham.  Margo did great, and did not lose interest.  She had a few questions throughout the show.  Overall, it was a great night for my little Dorothy.  She fell asleep on the way there, so she was ready for the show.  And of course, she fell asleep on the way home too.

Here is a random picture of Jack in the carpool line waiting to get Madeline.  I had a package of paper towels in Margo's carseat that I had bought at Walmart earlier that day.  He found himself a great seat.  We're always saying he has "short man syndrome" since he is little and loud.  The paper towels helped our vertically challenged pup have a better view while waiting in line!

We spent Spring Break camping in the NC mountains at Bear Den campground.  We went with the Huff family and we even brought Carrie with us.  All girls except for the two dads!! Annie loved camping (as always) and Jack spent some time at the doggie hotel.

At Linville Falls.  The weather was pretty cool the entire trip.  Thank goodness for electric blankets in the camper!

All the girls (minus baby Mackenzie) posing by the Falls.

Margo and Brianna at the Upper Falls.  The girls were real troopers hiking.  Even though the day started out chilly, it actually turned out to be a beautiful day.

At Table Rock.

We even met up with Reagan in Blowing Rock and had lunch with her family.  Madeline was able to spend a night with her and they had some quality girl time.   They had not seen each other since October when Reagan moved.

We got home just in time for the Easter!  Here are the girls on Easter Sunday.  They are growing up so fast!

Of course, Margo had to dress up Jack as the 'Easter Bubby.'
 (Bubby is one of Jack's many nicknames.)

We finished out the month with a talent show at church.  Lydia played the piano.  She played a little medley which included 'Fuer Elise' and a song that she composed.  She did great!

Margo sang a song from the movie Frozen.  She sang "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" She sang along to the song from the soundtrack.  The music was turned up kind of loud, but she stood up there and sang!  She has a good voice and I'm proud of her for gettting up in front of everyone and doing it!  I even threw together a quick homemade Anna costume so she could be in character while she performed.

Below is a short clip of her singing.  Enjoy!
Will try to not skip a month the next time I blog!