Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memorial Day, Piano and Doughnuts!

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We enjoyed some cookouts with friends and family and we even went to the pool on opening day.

We had dinner and ice cream at Hula Girl!

On May 31st, Lydia participated in the Piano Guild.  This was her fourth year participating.
With her piano teacher, Mr. Buddy.  

She played Spinning Song and earned a 97% which is a Superior rating.  She also had to play three scales with arpeggios.  She was so proud of herself.  I told her she should be!  I'm proud of her too.  She loves piano and has a natural ear for it.

Later that afternoon I took Madeline, Lydia and Faith to see Maleficent.  It was great!  In fact, we just saw it again this weekend with Girl Scouts.

Last Sunday we met Grammie and PaPa in Rocky Mount for lunch at K&W.  The girls always love sitting in these openings of the columns outside the restaurant.

We did a little shopping and then went to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts.

The HOT NOW sign was on!

Had to get them sugared up for the ride home.

Watching the doughnuts.


I stocked up on sunscreen at Ollie's...$3.98 a can.  I love a good bargain.

The girls have been enjoying playing outside in the sprinkler and on the slip N slide.  Madeline was taking a break.  I think this is as close as Jack will get to the beach this summer, HaHa!

Annie got a new bed and it's big enough for baby brother, too!  Actually, this was a rare moment that they both were on her bed posing.  He can usually be found snuggled up next to Madeline under the covers.  

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Those donuts look yummy!