Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Loooooong time, no blog........

Hey there!!!  Today's my 42nd birthday and we are having another snow day.  I thought it would be a good time to finally update the blog.  I think the last post was in November!  I haven't forgotten about my blog.  In fact, I think about it often and how instead of scrolling facebook, I should be blogging. Not to make excuses, but we were extra busy in December since we moved AGAIN.  Then came Christmas, New Year's, Girl Scout Cookie Season.  You name it..... We're always busy bees, but the past few months have been especially busy. I'll try to recap them with some pics.  Actually, there are LOTS of pics....

I took the girls down to the Greenway to snap some pics for our Christmas card.  I thought they turned out pretty good!

Our little beauties are growing up!

We moved into our house on December 6th and did manage to put up a tree a few weeks later.  

There were lots of truffles made!

Margo and her friends on the Dance Float for the Smithfield Christmas Parade.

Madeline danced in both the Smithfield and Clayton parades.

I took Margo and Lydia to see Frozen on Ice.  They loved it.

Margo and Brianna with their music teacher.  They had a Christmas program at school.

Acting silly with Brayden after the program.

My little ballerina showing off her skills at parent observation week at dance.

Christmas party at school.....all sugared up!

Lydia's Christmas piano recital.  She played "Let It Snow" and did a great job!

Margo and Brianna getting in their last minute requests to Santa on Christmas Eve at Four Oaks Bank.

Christmas Eve in our new house.  All girls and doggies ready for bed!

Santa delivered!  He found us at our new house.

Checking out their goodies.

Mermaid Lydia.  She stayed in this costume for about three days straight.

Margo got a new bike.

A few days later, we had a visit from our friends the Stancils.  The girls had a beach party in their bedroom.  Love their imaginations.

Madeline got Miranda Sings tickets for Christmas.  I took her and her friend Carrie to the show in Durham in January.  See how excited they are!

Yes, their lipstick in smeared on purpose.  If you don't know Miranda Sings, youtube her.  But it will be a few minutes you will not get back!!!

Girl Scout cookie sales started January 17th.  This year is Margo's first year selling.  She is excited and was happy to pull her wagon all through the neighborhod.

I got this large print framed of the girls for our dining room.  The picture was taken five years ago and I love it.  It looks even better in person.

Margo is enjoying being a Daisy Girl Scout.  She had her investiture ceremony a few weeks ago.

And she recently lost her first tooth! She pulled it out all by herself at school.

Isn't Lydia a cute caramel delight.  I borrowed these cookie costumes for the girls to wear at a cookie booth.

A few weeks ago Lydia earned her yellow belt in Karate.

With her instructor.

Cookie Booth as Zack's a couple weeks ago.  Luckily, we had a mild February day.  Much warmer than the wintry temps we are having this week.

All dressed up in the cookie costumes.

The girls and I took a day trip to Jamesville a few weeks ago.  It was a gorgeous day with temps in the 60's. 

The girls always love riding around on Grammie and PaPa's golf cart.  Margo even drove for a few minutes!

Sweet Annie girl

Jack and Lydia.  Jack's a mess.  He can be sweet but he is such a loudmouth and is so territorial.  We are working on that.....

Margo and Brianna at their classroom Valentine's party.  They sure do love each other.
David and I had a pre-Valentine's date to see Kacey Musgraves in concert.  It was great.

Margo's troop had their first cookie booth on Valentine's Day.  It was so windy.  Those little girls almost blew away, but they did a good job selling cookies.

Tuesday morning we had lots of white stuff everywhere.  Mostly frozen sleet.
This is what our yard and house looked like.  

Although it wasn't good snow for playing in, the kids still managed to have fun sledding around the yard with the neighbors.  Today was day 2 out of school and they are also out tomorrow.  I hope all these snow days don't affect Spring Break!

It was nice to have the girls at home today on my birthday.  We had a laid back day.  They've watched a lot of TV and eaten way too many Cheetos! David got me a pretty bracelet and a cookie cake and we went out to dinner at Heidi's.  Earlier today I posted on Facebook that a few days ago Margo asked me if I was alive when there was no color.  So I posted a baby pic of me (the only black and white photo of me as a baby).  Later tonight, I took one of Margo's baby pictures and made it black and white and did a side by side comparison.  
Me on the left and Margo on the right.