Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Madeline's 13th Birthday

FINALLY... a birthday post!  We have a teenager!  Madeline turned 13 on March 20th.  It was a big day and a big weekend for her.
She was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society that morning.  

With Mrs. Pernell.  Madeline adores her and Mrs. Pernell has been so helpful while Madeline has been in Middle School.  Madeline is having a great year this year!
We are so proud of her!!!

We signed her out of school after the awards ceremony and let her come home and open her presents before we headed to Myrtle Beach for her 1st dance competition of the season.  We got her an iPhone 6!  She was very excited!!

Getting her toes wet at the beach.  We met up with some friends and let the kids play on the beach and then had dinner.  

When we got back to the hotel we let the girls go swimming.

Then we headed back to our room and had some birthday cake.

The weather was beautiful.

The next day was competition day!  Here's Madeline's Clogging Team with their instructor.  They did great and got a great score and 1st place in their category!

Posing on the red carpet.

Cheering on her fellow dancers.

With Carrie and Brianna.  Their teams did great also.  All the AIM dancers received lots of awards.

Group shot.  It was a great weekend.  

Flashback down memory lane of our first baby.

On her 1st birthday.

Carolina Girl

1st dance recital.

The time has flown by!  We are very proud of the young lady Madeline is becoming and we love her very much.