Monday, June 29, 2015


Today is Margo's 7th Birthday!  She had a great day!!  She has been counting down the days until her birthday for several weeks now.
What better way to celebrate than with friends at the pool!

In her element....she loves jumping off the diving board!

Her pool themed cake (thank you, Pinterest!).

Teddy grahams in lifesavers...Margo assembled these herself and placed them on the cupcakes.

She loved having a pool party!

Happy girl!

Yesterday we celebrated at American Girl.  She has been SO excited about this for months!  Madeline had a dance competition in Rock Hill, SC on Saturday, so we made a trip to AG in Charlotte on Sunday for Margo's birthday present from us!
We had dessert at their Bistro.  Margo got to decorate a cupcake for herself and her doll.

Celebratory milkshake.

Me and my baby girl (and her babies).

Even the big sisters joined us!  David was happy to sit out in the mall and read his book! The girls enjoyed being in the actual AG store.  For years they have perused the AG magazines and now they were actually in a store where they could see everything they have seen in the catalogs.  There was so much to see.  They just bounced all around that store with excitement.  They know all the dolls and their hobbies, special interests, pets, etc.  After about an hour, they finally settled on their items and Margo got a new doll for her birthday.

Posing outside the store with her loot!

Here she is with her new AG doll, Grace Thomas.....the 2015 AG doll of the year.
Speaking of dolls, wasn't newborn Margo a doll?!?!? These seven years have flown by.  Margo is one sassy girl and she has definitely added spice to our life.  Our family just wouldn't be the same without her.  We sure do love that girl!