Friday, October 02, 2015


WOW! I've been slacking on the blog in a baaaaaad way.  I'm really far behind, but I'm gonna try and play catch-up!  Last post was Margo's birthday.  So I'll start with our annual beach trip in July.
This picture speaks for itself.  The girls are growing up!

Look at all those long legs!


As usual, we enjoyed a day spent boating with the Westbrooks.  

Our traditional family photo on the couch in the beach condo.  Another great Grimes Beach Week that came and went too fast.  And on a good note, we all came back with all our limbs and no shark sitings.  There were so many shark bites this summer.

We got back from the beach and Margo went straight to 2nd Grade!

She was pretty excited about it.  Not too excited about going to school an entire month before her sisters started, but now as I sit here typing this, she's on Fall Break and her sisters are in school!  So there.