Sunday, June 26, 2016

Besties, Birthday Boy, Band Camp, & Big Night Out

Having fun at the pool with friends.

David turned 42 on June 19th

Make a wish.....

With their daddy on Father's Day.  

I took Lydia to band camp at ECU on David's birthday

She loved staying in the dorm for the week

Practicing her song before tryouts

The dorm she stayed in

With her best bud, Faith.  They were roomies for the week.  And they didn't get tired of each other!

Celebrating David and Carrie's birthdays at Don Betos

Getting facetimes from Lydia at band camp.  She bought a purple wig at the ECU student store!

Margo went with me to pick her up. Margo was so funny and didn't want to buy anything that had ECU on it at the student store.  She kept saying"I don't want that.  I'm a Carolina fan!"  HaHa.  Raising her right.

Lydia's band performing.  They did great.

My musician

Posing by the fountain

I raced home from picking up Lydia to go the Junior Women's League Big Night Out. It was a fundraiser for the Partnership for Children.  You can see how thrilled David is to be there, LOL.
Kelly and Me

Stan and Kelly

Don't they look thrilled?  These two tore up the dance floor.....NOT!!!

The next morning Margo and Lydia had their summer piano recital.  They did a fantastic job!

With their teacher, Mr. Buddy

Friday, June 17, 2016

School's out for Summer! June 2016

Another school year came to an end in June. 

Lydia at her end of year awards program with Grandma & Grandpa

Margo with her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Carter.  She adored this teacher so much....sat with her every day at lunch and talked her ears off, I'm sure.

Margo's class at her end of year party

Lydia on the last day of 6th grade

Margo on the last day of 2nd grade

Madeline at her 8th grade graduation....the last day of Middle School.  David had to leave to get back to only a pic with Mama

Grandma and Grandpa came to support their oldest grandchild

With Aubrey

With Lindsay

Heading to lunch with Hannah

Margo loving the diving board.....bring on summer!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Girl Scout Trip to Savannah

The first weekend in June my Girl Scout troop went on a mother-daughter trip to Savannah.  I planned this trip for several months so I was glad when the time actually came for us to go.  We sold lots of cookies for several years to make this trip happen.

Sitting at the fountain in Lafayette Square in Savannah

On the steps of the Andrew Low house, protected by the lions.

Andrew Low house

On a carriage ride

This church is featured in the opening scene of Forrest Gump

We spent an afternoon at Tybee Island and climbed the lighthouse.

Of course, we visited the Juliette Gordon Low House.

Lydia at JGL House

We had a pinning ceremony in the gardens there.

All the moms and daughters on the piazza

What is a trip to Savannah without a visit to Paula Deen's??

We all enjoyed our meal there and had the nicest waiter.

We also did a Scouting for Spirits tour. Even at 9pm, it still super hot and muggy...

We packed a lot into our weekend and I think everyone had a fun and memorable trip.