Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Girl Scout Trip to Savannah

The first weekend in June my Girl Scout troop went on a mother-daughter trip to Savannah.  I planned this trip for several months so I was glad when the time actually came for us to go.  We sold lots of cookies for several years to make this trip happen.

Sitting at the fountain in Lafayette Square in Savannah

On the steps of the Andrew Low house, protected by the lions.

Andrew Low house

On a carriage ride

This church is featured in the opening scene of Forrest Gump

We spent an afternoon at Tybee Island and climbed the lighthouse.

Of course, we visited the Juliette Gordon Low House.

Lydia at JGL House

We had a pinning ceremony in the gardens there.

All the moms and daughters on the piazza

What is a trip to Savannah without a visit to Paula Deen's??

We all enjoyed our meal there and had the nicest waiter.

We also did a Scouting for Spirits tour. Even at 9pm, it still super hot and muggy...

We packed a lot into our weekend and I think everyone had a fun and memorable trip.

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