Saturday, July 02, 2016

EIGHT is great:::: Margo's birthday

This little spitfire turned eight on June 29th

She had two friends spend the night with her the night before her birthday.

Breakfast was a birthday donut!

And she got to open a few presents.

I loaded up the girls and we headed to the mall in Raleigh.

First stop:  Build A Bear

They had fun picking out accessories for their bears

Sweet girls

They got backpacks for their bears

We visited the Disney store

And Claire's

We ate lunch and had a snack at the food court.  David was able to join us for the lunch part.

We picked up a cookie cake to take home so we could celebrate with family that night.

Margo opened more presents at her family party.  It was a big day for my baby girl.  Can't believe it's been eight years.  Wishing her many, many more!

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