Thursday, July 14, 2016

Margo Goes to Camp:::July 2016

Margo went to camp this summer for the first time as a camper.  She went for half-week starter camp with her friend Grier.  Margo has been to Camp Don Lee several times to take or pick up her sisters and family/church camping trips.  But this time was special.  This was a pic from Madeline's phone on the way to camp.

We took Flat Jesus to Camp

Of course, Mother Madeline had to go to drop her off and get her settled in her cabin.

In front of the cross on the pier.....a traditional picture at CDL

It was a pretty day, but hot.  Thank goodness for the breeze coming from the water.

Love seeing all the sunfish lined up

My little camper

Pointing to our family's brick for a donation that we made to CDL

I have a picture of Margo in this very spot as a baby....I need to find it and do a comparison.

She was so excited

See us sparkling with sweat!!

Heading to the cabin

She picked a top bunk and brought her emoji pillow

All settled!

With her good friend Grier.  They had a blast and said they want to go back next year for a week.

With her counselor Miss Heather

Another sweaty selfie, hahaha

There were some other girls from our church staying with Margo and Grier.  It was nice to have familiar faces.

Getting their orders from their counselor....about to take the swim test.

I love this field of sunflowers  near the camp.
Such a happy, sunkissed girl when we picked her up.

She even lost a tooth while there.  That was the first thing she told me when she saw me!

Of course we had to spend the rest of her camp store money for a treat for the road.  We left camp and headed straight to the beach!!!

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