Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Halloween 2016

Here are some pics from Halloween 2016.  We had a busy week leading up to Halloween.  The girls got to dress up for piano, dance, and the fall festival at church.  We had our traditional delicious Halloween dinner with our friends and their families after trick-or-treating.  Enjoy the pics!

The girls
Little Red Riding Hood, Dr. Meredith Grey(from Grey's Anatomy) and Spooky Lydia

Our family

David and I as "The Hunter and his Deer."

Chicken Pot Pie!  YUMMY!

The table settings were so festive.

All these girls are growing up! We have taken pics of the girls on these steps for lots of Halloweens.

Lydia and Margo with Grandma and Grandpa

Jack and Annie in their cowboy and cowgirl hats.

Carving a pumpkin on Halloween

Margo as Little Red Riding Hood with Mr. Buddy at piano lessons

Dressed up as a nerd for hip hop class

With Brianna


Our car decorated for trunk or treat.

Madeline and Alyssa dressed up as doctors

Margo as a black cat for dance

Margo and Bri as emojis for dance class.

Margo's dance team hosted a pumpkin painting party the weekend before Halloween.  

They had fun!

They made wreaths too.  And of course, after all the crafting, they had a dance party in the garage.

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