Sunday, November 06, 2016

October Happenings

October was a very busy month for us.  Here are some pics to re-cap the month.  Probably the most memorable and devastating thing that happened in October was Hurricane Matthew.  So many people were devastated by this storm.  School was out for a week due to the flooding.  So sad, but so happy to see how our community came together to help!

We started off the month with the girls having their first dance performance at Railroad Days in Selma.  Margo with her BFF Bri.

Margo, Lyla, and Bri

Margo and Madeline twinning.

Madeline's team clogging!

Margo's team tapping!  They all did great and Margo is excited about her first year being on a competitive dance team.

Hurricane Matthew came the next weekend.  Here is the flooding on one of the main roads in Smithfield.

Before we lost power, Margo and Lydia pretended they were a British punk rocker sister duo!

We helped our neighbors pump water out of their basement.

Flooding at our town commons!

We played games by candlelight! We were without power for about 30 hours.

David and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on October 11th.

Madeline participated in her first color run.  Unfortunately, the only pic I got of her was with her eyes closed.

Margo's Girl Scout troop had a rededication and bridging ceremony.

My Brownie!!

My Girl Scout troop helped at an event at Camp Mary Atkinson  a few weeks ago with a Balloon Pop Dart Board booth.  They did a great job and are good role models for the younger scouts.

Margo with her Brownie Buds at Camp Mary Atkinson.

Madeline, Margo and Madeline's friend Lindsay at SSS Homecoming game.

Next up:: Halloween Pics!

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