Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Catching up on 2017:: JANUARY

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!  It has been way too long since I have blogged.  Better late than never, right?  It's the end of July and we are at the beach this week.  I'm gonna power blog with monthly recaps the best I can remember with the pics I have from my phone and Google Pics.

Well as you can see, I rang in the new year at work.  I have worked lots of New Year's Eves over the years.  David and the girls went to a neighborhood party.

We got some snow!  Here's our house covered in a thin blanket. There were a lot of icy roads so that meant school was out for several days.

I took the girls to the river hill to go sledding.  It was so cold, but we did manage to have some fun.

All bundled up.

Madeline always finds an excuse to dress Jack up for the occasion.

He's so cute in his puffer vest and bomber hat. But he is more of a fan of sleeping in front of the fire rather than being in the snow.

Sweet, sweet Annie.  She enjoys a good romp in the snow.

David and I took Margo to her first Hurricanes game.  She loved it because we had seats down low near the glass where she could see all the action and the hockey players up close.

January means Girl Scout cookies!

We also welcomed our friends' sweet little girl Avery into the world!

I got to be honorary NICU nurse to her when I would take her mama to the hospital to visit her.  I'm happy to report she had an uneventful NICU stay and is home and happy and healthy!!

Sweet girl!

Finishing out January with a cookie booth!

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