Thursday, July 27, 2017

Catching up on 2017::FEBRUARY

I don't have a lot of pics from February.  I do have lots of Jack sleeping by the fire though.

Santa brought Jack this hot dog bed and he loves it...especially when placed right in front of the fire.  

David and the big girls went on a ski trip with the church youth group and I took Margo to Jamesville and then we went to the circus.  It was the last tour for Barnum and Bailey.

This pic pretty much sums up winter mornings with Jack!

For Valentine's we did fondue!  The girls loved it.

Lydia and her friend Olivia at an awards ceremony.

David got me a cookie cake for my birthday.  It didn't last very long at our house.

Madeline made a delicious breakfast for me!

I also got some pretty tulips.

We had some unseasonably warm weather.  Lydia and Margo took the opportunity to have a picnic.  Jack and Annie were happy to join them.

I started transforming our back den.  Here's the before pic of the fireplace.

After I whitewashed it.  Since then, I have painted all the dark trim in the room white and painted the walls too.  Will post those pics later.

Pretty February sunset on my way to work one evening.

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